Correlation between distribution choice and preferred methods of making coffee

I use linux for all my computing needs, including editing and managing photographs for this site. I listen to a lot of podcasts about linux, to keep up to date on what’s happening and what is possible with open source systems (a lot). I’ll probably write more about using these tools later, but now I have more pressing matters.

There was some heated debate in a Telegram group Linux4Everyone, based around an excellent podcast by the same name. The discussion revolved around what methods of coffee making would fit the users of linux distributions, with the hypothesis that people with preference for more involved methods of coffee would also prefer a linux distribution that requires more fussing.

Without further ado, here are the absolutely scientific results. I’m also publishing the raw data for other people to do their own analysis.

Report:Distribution choice and preferred method of coffee making with a quick look at bean-grinding behavior among humans (pdf)

Raw data here.

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